Contact Lens Insertion & Removal

contact lens insertionContact lens insertion and removal doesn't need to be a big production. With practice, you will find that this process becomes second nature!

The following procedure will assure correct preparation of your contact lens for insertion

Begin by washing your hands with soap and warm water, avoiding soap that contains fragrance or oils. These substances can cause eye irritation by coming in contact with your lens. a lint free towel should be used to dry your hands.

To avoid accidental loss of lens, always close the sink drain prior to lens preparation. It’s important to develop the habit of inserting your lens in the same order eery time to avoid mixups. Carefully remove the lens from its storage case or lens package. Then set the lens into the palm of your non-inserting hand, and rinse it with a solution recommended by your eye care professional. This process should remove all traces of debris.

Next, place the lens on the dry tip of your index finger. Examine the lens to assure it is moist, clean, clean, and free of nicks and tears. If the lens appears damaged, do not use it. You are now ready to apply the contact lens.